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Cosmetic Dentistry – Billerica, MA

Transform Your Smile with Advanced Dental Cosmetics

Achieving optimal oral health is always the highest priority at Billerica Family Dental – but what if your smile carries multiple imperfections that make it nearly impossible to show off? Just because your smile is healthy doesn’t mean you should have to hide it. Dr. Niraja offers patients a number of comprehensive cosmetic treatments to transform your smile from top to bottom. Whether that’s through whitening, veneers, or gum recontouring, we can help. Give our dental office a call to get started!

Why Choose Billerica Family Dental for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers Available
  • Experience and Knowledgeable Cosmetic Dentist
  • Convenient Take-Home Whitening Technology

Porcelain Veneers

Woman's smile compared with tooth color chart

There are few cosmetic solutions as comprehensive as porcelain veneers. Not only do they transform your smile’s appearance in an incredibly natural way, but they do so in just weeks. Each veneer is custom-made to fit over your teeth and blend in perfectly. Everything from the shape, size, and color is considered, giving you the confidence to smile around friends and family once again. Dr. Niraja also offers Lumineers, an alternative to traditional veneers that requires little to zero removal of tooth enamel to place!

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Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Dental restorations before treatment

Part of creating a natural-looking smile is using materials that actually simulate real teeth, which is why Billerica Family Dental provides an option for metal-free restorations and materials to improve the appearance of teeth along with amalgam restorations. Whether you’re in need of a durable dental crown to cover permanent discoloration, cosmetic bonding to hide minor cracks, or porcelain veneers to mask both, you can get metal-free solutions at our dental office!

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Patient receiving dental bonding

Cosmetic or direct bonding is quite popular because of its affordability and effectiveness in cosmetic dentistry. Through composite resin, the same material we use to create tooth-colored fillings, we can create distinct improvements that match your existing tooth. This material is then molded around your tooth and hardened for long-term durability. Treatment only takes a few minutes to complete and after your visit, any minor chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration will vanish!

Teeth Whitening

Woman receiving teeth whitening treatment

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry because of its effectiveness and ease of use, especially in the form of take-home whitening kits. Billerica Family Dental offers Opalescence in-office and take-home whitening kits to patients looking to remove stubborn stains from their smile, whether they be surface stains or stains that have developed deeper inside of tooth enamel. Based on both clinical findings and the patients’ unique goals, Dr. Niraja will make a personalized recommendation for either in-office treatment or a take-home kit. Keep in mind that the ingredients used in this treatment are much stronger than what you’d find in pharmacies and the trays used to administer the whitening are custom-made to fit your teeth exactly, resulting in more even and effective treatment.

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Gum Recontouring

Relaxed patient receiving dental care

Are your teeth covered by excess gum tissue and therefore appear shorter than you’d like? Is your gum line uneven due to this excess tissue? Many people find it difficult to smile they believe they have a “gummy smile.” With gum recontouring, Dr. Niraja can easily and comfortably remove small amounts of your gum tissue for cosmetic purposes.

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