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Gum Disease Treatment – Billerica, MA

Protect Your Gums,
The Home of Your Teeth!

Gum tissue is one of the most important oral structures you have for a number of reasons. They protect the vulnerable roots of teeth and ensure that your teeth have a reliable place to live. Without healthy gums, it doesn’t matter how white or healthy your teeth are. If your gums begin to feel tender, swollen or uncomfortable, it could mean that gum disease has begun to develop. If you’re in need of treatment, Dr. Niraja and Dr. Jimish can create a treatment plan that meets your needs!

Why Choose Billerica Family Dental for Gum Disease Treatment?

  • Comfortable and Accommodating Dental Office Space
  • Antibiotic Therapy to Promote Accelerated Healing
  • Caters to Patients of All Ages

Scaling & Root Planing

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Considered the gold standard for gum disease treatment, scaling and root planing work to remove plaque and tartar from areas above and beneath the gum line. Since at-home brushing or professional cleanings won’t be enough to stop extensive gum disease, scaling is performed to effectively reach these areas. Root planing works to smooth out the tooth roots, making it easier for them to reattach to teeth after the gums begin receding. In order to effectively remove plaque and tartar without putting too much stress on the gums, scaling and root planing treatments are performed every three to four months.

Antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotic pill packs

As part of your scaling and root planing treatment, Dr. Niraja also performs antibiotic therapy to promote the healing and regeneration of gum tissue. Our dental office uses ARESTIN, an effective antibiotic designed to fight infection of gum tissue and significantly reduce the pocket depth of the gums. If you have moderate to advanced levels of periodontitis, ARESTIN can make a big difference as part of your aftercare. In some cases, your gum disease can return to its previous levels without antibiotic intervention.

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